10 Jul 2013

Pkr - free $5 no deposit bonus

How it works

  1. Register
  2. Download pkr software
  3. Get $5 free


  1. This offer is only open to players who are resident in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and are over 18 years of age.
  2. The $5 free bonus is for Poker play only and cannot be withdrawn until 500 PKR Points have been earned through participation in raked hands and real money tournaments. Any withdrawal request that includes bonus funds made before the points target has been earned will be rejected.
  3. Each qualifying player will be eligible for a free $5 bonus that will be credited to their PKR account. To access this bonus, players will need to complete our full registration process, download and install the PKR software.
  4. The $5 bonus will be credited to your account within 72 hours. In the event that the bonus is not credited within this time frame, please contact support@pkr.com.
  5. The $5 free bonus will be removed from a players account if the player has not logged in and accumulated at least 1 PKR point within 14 days of the bonus being credited. Players will earn 1 PKR point if they play a single raked hand or real money buy-in tournament. 

Click here to visit pkr.com for more information